About Us

The HALT Association NSW was officially launched in September 2022 where a Board was elected at the AGM. One of the first tasks of the Board was to confer a Constitution and establish a Mission Statement and subsequent key aims. These will become the foundation of the Association and ensure that all activities align with the key objectives.

Mission Statement

The HALT Association NSW is a professional forum for HALTs and aspiring HALTs to share, collaborate, explore research and provide targeted, high-quality professional learning to build leadership, quality teaching and impact on student learning.

Key Aims

  • Advocate for HALTs and the role they play in building the status of the teaching profession across all educational sectors.
  • Contribute to national and statewide policy and research relevant to the teaching profession, through the provision of expert, evidence based input and advice as key stakeholders.
  • Provide accredited and targeted professional learning for HALTs as well as formal and informal networking and learning opportunities Support and encourage aspiring HALTs to pursue the accreditation process